More on Morning Glory


Yesterday I worked some more on Morning Glory and I got the pieces cut out for the other side of the corner piece but I didn’t get that glue basted down – right now it is pinned in place here and there to hold it down and I will work on that today for Slow Sunday Stitching


The rest of the corner


More work was done on the blanket while I listened to a John Grisham audio book The Litigators  –  it certainly is growing but by no means will it be done LOL before we leave.


Crossroads from Friday night.


I’m not sure where all we are heading on this trip but we will be in parts of Montana again and Northern Idaho – we lived in Idaho  some years way back in the early 70’s and then again in the mid to late 70’s when Mike was in the military – but it was in the east central area – somehow we never got to the northern part of the state.   I don’t know what towns we will be going through at this stage as we mostly wing it and plan on the way but if you have a favorite quilt shop or have heard of one or must see sights that you know of let me know and I will make a list and if we are near something we might stop and see.

I have a long list of things to do this week – might not get much quilting done – we will see – when Morning Glory has the glue basting done that is it for the projects coming along.


Morning Glory


I was busy yesterday working on my Morning Glory applique – cutting and glue basting – one side of the corner is ready now on to the opposite side today.    This is the last project I am getting ready for the trip.  Laying on the table letting the glue dry


I pinned all the blocks that I had up on the design wall so I could pin this quilt in front of it to take a photo – I am just leaving the RSC on the wall – no direct sun getting it so it is safe to leave it alone.  So I hung Morning Glory over the top so you can see where this is going – this is needle turn so all those new pieces will be just as skinny as those done last that are in the corner – today’s pieces to prep are the same and they go on the opposite side of that corner bouquet.  I just eye ball my pieces in place and with the help of rulers as you can see in the previous photo.  I knew the red tulip on the right side of this new piece was to almost touch the next to that helped placement.  Well I be able to stick with this project and do applique all around – I hope so – at least by taking it with me it will help me get to that point.


A close up


I found a small space bag for the second yarn project – it was kind of hard to find and I had to go with a four pack that had a jumbo bag and a large one and one smaller than what this bag is.   All the air is sucked out and it is flattened – I should be able to stack the other projects on top of it.    I think I found all my thread and notions needed for the projects and all packed in the little 3 stack box there to the side.


Crossroads from Thursday night – I got sidetracked earlier in the evening and only sat for about 45 minutes.  I had a kindle book I was trying to finish before it was due and have come to realize the last two days that I get a lot more done when I am listening to an audio book and doing two things at once!!  I can’t even crochet and read a book at the same time!!


I am happy to report that the foot is doing so much better since the injection yesterday afternoon, the swelling is down and the pain is much less.  I have started the medication for the arthritis pain today also and have not had a problem with it – he only gave me a 30 day supply as he was giving it to me for my foot problem but if it helps with the other pains I will talk to my rheumatologist about it when I see him at the end of October.  One tablet at less than $5 for the month compared to Ibuprofen 3-9 tablets a day – it will be worth it if it works.  I was able to order the elastic foot braces to wear when hiking as I couldn’t find two at the store and they should be in early next week – thank you amazon!

Now to get the camper cleaned out next week.  For those that have asked about our camper – what it looks like and how much or little room is in it here is a link to a previous post for a little tour of it.  That post was from years ago and we have changed the closet to shelves with pull out baskets and no hanging rods – the tv is gone and a large spice rack to hold medications and other things is in it’s place.  A different quilt goes on the bed every trip we take – I haven’t decided which one this time – maybe Tumalo Trails – Good Fortune is too pink and would drive me crazy with the sun shining off of it so much LOL  — seeing the size inside the camper and the space I have you will see why I leave sewing machines at home- even the featherweight – half the time I do not have electricity because about half the campgrounds we go to have no hook ups and we use the generator to charge batteries.  I do not want to sew outside and run an extension cord either as some of you do that camp – I just do not find that noise peaceful in the woods.  I’d rather just work by hand.


More Applique


I decided I still have time to prep another applique to take along with me – I will get more glue basted in place for the corner on Morning Glory that I was working on – there will be a vine  with flowers going out from each side of this corner piece – I really don’t know if I will work on it or not but it folds up small and doesn’t take up much room so why not – I have time to work on it as I am mainly just quilting and crochet this week.


I got the light box out – I have an old one and got stuff traced that I needed and got my freezer paper templates cut out


I have a feeling I will have a lot of this fat quarter bundle left over when I get done with this depending on if I do just one corner or the whole border.


My little stack of quilting projects – see they really do not take up much room – there are five projects in this stack – Morning Glory will make six.


Of course the yarn takes up more room LOL – but someone mentioned space bags so I will look today – I have some very large ones but will see about a small one.


Crossroads from Wednesday night – almost finished that side!


I did see the foot doctor today and he injected it – didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would but did later in the evening – take it easy for a couple days he said and use an elastic support on my feet for hiking and bring the ice packs to use after I’m done if needed.    I’ll see him again when I get home to see if it is completely healed.  Also he wants me to try Meloxicam instead of Ibuprofen and see if it helps the arthritis in the feet better.  I had not heard of this one and I read up on it and will pick up the prescription today – just says don’t drink alcohol and I don’t anyhow so no problem there and do not take the Ibuprofen – so I will try it a week or so and see what happens.  Thanks for those that asked about it.

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I’ve been busy doing some prepping for our upcoming trip and been busy for sure.  Plus last night I planted all of my mint down in the garden to let it “winter” over in the garden this year.  If they all come back they come back and if I need to take drastic measures to get rid of it eventually I will.  Each year I usually let them die off in the pots but this year I thought I would try the garden.  I have the last that I cut in the dehydrator for tea.

I was busy yesterday prepping 4 blocks for the Daisy Chain quilt and that should give me enough to finish this off into a small table topper  – I will put the whole thing in a zipbag and that is one project for the trip.


The second is the Dresden Garden quilt which needs all the applique done.  The Santa’s to embroider with Red Work, hexies for if I need more.  In the 3 stack container (one is still empty and for threads) is the RSC Scrappy star quilt – there are two months worth of the six blocks needed for September and October to be hand stitched (all projects in the camper are done by hand I do not bring a machine with me we like the peace and quite of the woods and do not always have electricity anyway and I don’t really have room to sit comfortable with a machine at the right height).   I decided to halt the Panama Pyramid quilt until winter.   So I think I might go ahead and get the applique glue basted to finish off the corner of Morning Glory already started but has been resting for awhile again LOL.  None of these quilting projects take up much room – Plus I will have the afghan currently working on and one more not started – the yarn is going to take up the most room but it is squishy so I should be able to stuff it where I can!  Better to have enough then not enough!! we will be gone for 6-8 weeks after all and I sew almost every evening and crochet while Mike drives.


The afghan is growing but I doubt it will be done before we leave lol.


Quilting on Crossroads – the top half of the big swirly and the bottoms of the small swirls.


I’m trying to get all the projects done up in advance as the end of the month is rapidly approaching.  Melanie and her husband will be taking care of the house as usual – we are lucky they are always available to do this.  But still so much to do as I like to leave the yard taken care of so they do not need to immediately do that – and my lists are growing – LOL –

I have heard that if you bring rosemary with you for camping that it helps keep the bugs away – have any of you heard that?  I was told to cut long stalks and wrap them tightly in “packages” of aluminum foil – then when you have a campfire you poke holes or rip areas and put it on the fire and when it smokes the scent drives away the bugs.  First I need to dry some for a jar of spices like usual for the year but then I will do up some packages and see what happens – if you know about this let me know how it works.  I assume I am to dry the long stalks first?  Need to try to find out.

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Prepping For Upcoming Trip


Yesterday was all about getting some kits done up for the trip at the end of the month – when you take off for close to two months you need to make sure you take enough projects!!  Some I can’t show as I was cutting out pieces for my stars for the RSC for Sept/Oct and the colors can’t be revealed but I need to get all those cut out in advance.   I did have my accuquilt out cutting fabric!  Next up is two sets of 36-2.5 inch squares for the 2 blocks each month that I make of those.  I will try to get both color sets done today.


I did get some embroidery patterns printed out – these are small – for a table runner for Xmas – redwork, I thought that would be a good project to have along – the patchwork is left over from something from a previous year.  I think I will leave the patchwork home and just bring the cloth to trace the patterns on to.


I wanted to show another yarn bundle that I have to bring – this one is bulky yarn, 2 skeins less then the blanket I am making now –  this is acrylic yarn and enough for another afghan – 14 skeins that was on another great sale.  Less yardage but bulky yarn so I guess that would still be a smaller blanket?


I have the pattern that came with it and one other that was or a shawl but could be made larger – the pattern that came with it was for knitting so I would need to change the design over for crochet.  I will decide when I am ready what I will do with it but both patterns will go in the bag with it.  If I want to do the cables I have a crochet class or two from Bluprint that tells you how to do cables and I will have computer access and my iPad so would be able to watch when I could.  And of course there is always YouTube on the phone if that is all that I have coming in.

IMG_8863 IMG_8864

I spent some time on the current blanket – this one is coming together so fast I have a feeling it will be nearly done when we leave but I will continue to work on it and it will be great for the bed when we hit the mountains and can be something extra over our legs on cold nights while we travel.


Crossroads from Sunday night —  I finished this end and rolled it down


And back to the middle.


Next up to prep besides the 2.5 inch squares for RSC is 4 Daisy Chain blocks – I might take some extra fabric with me for that – but right now I think one more row will make a good table topper size – if I decide I still want to make more I will have the fabric here at home waiting for me.

So I will have the applique to do on Dresden Gardens, RSC for Sept/Oct, Daisy Chain –4 blocks, 2 to 4 xmas redwork embroidery patterns (these are not large) 2 crochet blankets one close to done when we leave and I am seriously thinking of glue basting the other pieces needed for the first corner of Morning Glory – seen last in May —  Morning Glory project is probably overkill and I will have way too much with me – but I’d rather have more than less and each of these except the yarn bag doesn’t take up much room in the camper.  Surely all of this in time spent at the camper will give me plenty to do – we normally are out most days looking at things and taking walks but most evenings are spent at the camper.  It will be getting dark earlier and earlier after we leave and the evenings in the mountains it gets cold quickly.

Would you believe it was 91 degrees by 11 AM yesterday and it got to 95 out here in the country and a hundred in town.  Needless to say other than going to the fitness center to ride the bike and stopping at the store to get some much needed ice cream (cashew brand for me no cholesterol) I was inside until evening when I went out to spray the ferns down!

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It Was a Lazy Sunday


I really didn’t sew until evening when I sat at the quilting frame – I did do a bit of reading and crochet.  Mike and I went out to lunch and then drove around a little and ended up at Wal-Mart after a bit to pick up a few things.

Would you believe a little more than after a year my “new” dishwasher is falling apart – it seems like it has been a piece of crap (sorry) since we got it.  We should have returned it shortly after if we could have but we didn’t.  Needless to say I haven’t been pleased with the machine’s quality since we got it (it is a Maytag) I’m sure it is just this model as Maytag has a good rep and I should have researched it more and I didn’t and regret it now.  So what does that have to do with the stopping at Wal-Mart you might ask? I need to get a repairman out here to fix this dishwasher or bite the bullet and get a new one that works in the meantime I am washing dishes by hand like I used to for many many years and no longer had a dish drainer/dryer to put dishes on when washed and got one! – so here is my new purchase LOL – any recommendations on a new dishwasher for when we get back from traveling – not dealing with it until fall and doing my dishes by hand in the meantime!!


I did lay out Brimfield Awakening on the floor and tried out a couple different strips for that lower sashing and I’m happy with this selection and I did try out quit a few strips.  I will work on this today so I can put it away until I’m ready to quilt it in the fall?


I had the idea to use all the left over strips of the batiks (it was two jelly rolls lots left) to use for the Signature Quilt – yes that is right I didn’t forget about it – all the signatures are stored in a box I just had too many  projects started to get to that too – if you want to still send one and missed out the first time I won’t be starting work on this until winter I’m sure  – just let me know.  I think I have 60 signatures at least – super simple layout – will be something like this maybe staggered rows.  I don’t think I want to do cornerstones but each block will be surrounded so most likely I will not have the long sashing strips the same color as it is now – this was just for an example.


I also got the box out with the Daisy Chain quilt in it – I really wasn’t sure how many pieces I had – I had originally started with EPP but my hands were giving me fits on the irregular pieces – hexies do not bother me but all the other shapes in this one making up the hexagon did and I switched to hand piecing.  I have plenty of fabric left to do a lot more but I really do not know what size this well be.  I might toss this one in the camper to take along and see if any work gets done on it – a small storage bag is all that is needed besides a spool of thread and the templates and scissors.  One extra to the side there and if I make 4 more I will have another row.


I am trying to get a lot of the projects cleared out that have already been started –  it is obvious to all I’m sure that I have lost interest in some – I just started too many last year that I should have thought about more before starting.  I had way too many EPP started and lost interest in them.   Like Daisy Chain above – which might very well be turned into a table topper!   I would like next year to get back to Morning Glory and The Hertfordshire Quilt – I do want to finish both of those and just do one or two RSC quilts as well to keep using up scraps.  I’m sure there will be others of course – I have 3 kits put aside that I bought last November on sale! and not one of those started.

Quilting on Crossroads from Saturday night


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